Find the most profitable prices
For each of your products

Conversion rate is not the only factor. Think about these 3 cases, Which one is better?

Price Purchases Total Profit
$1 (Low price) 100 (High conversion rate) $100
$5 30 $150 (Highest profit)
$10 (High price) 10 (Low conversion rate) $100

As you see, although the first one has the highest conversion rate, but it doesn't have the maximum profit.
There is a peak in the profit chart. We help you find that balance peak between demand and price for each product!
We don't use A/B testing! We use reinforcement AI engine to minimize the cost of this learning process.

Are you not sure how to find the most profitable price your products? Our AI can help you with that.
We find the demand and set the prices for your products to help you get the best results.
Test different prices for your products automatically.
Our AI Learns your customer behaviors to find the best price.
We set the most profitable price for each of your products!

We take all important factors that into account. From the month of the year to the country and even the day of the week, our AI analyzes them all to offer each customer the optimal price. Plus, you can customize which factors to include and exclude to ensure a pricing strategy that is uniquely tailored to your business needs. Don't settle for average profits - let us help you reach your full potential. Sign up for our price-optimization service today and start seeing results!

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test different prices for your products

Test different prices

We test different prices for you. We use AI to maximize your profit during testing.

learn customer behavior

Learn customer behavior

We learn the best price for each of your products by analyzing your customer behaviors.

find best prices for products

Find the best Prices

We will set the best prices with maximum profit for each of your products automatically.

automated pricing

Automatic price updates

You only need to use our API. We do everything else for pricing each of your products.

Pricimizer, Free AI Price Optimizer

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Are you an eCommerce business owner struggling to determine the best price for your products? Pricimizer offers cutting-edge AI technology to help you find the optimal price that maximizes your profits. Our AI engine automatically tests different prices for each of your products and learns from your customers' behaviors to identify the most profitable price.

Unlike other pricing optimization tools that rely on A/B testing, Pricimizer uses a reinforcement learning approach that minimizes the cost of the learning process. This means that our AI engine becomes more efficient over time, saving you time and money while delivering even greater results.

We understand that the key to maximizing profits is finding the right balance between demand and price. This way even the inflation will be taken into account. Our AI engine takes all of this into consideration to ensure that you are always pricing your products at the most profitable rate.

So, if you want to increase your profits and take your eCommerce business to the next level, Sign Up! for Pricimizer today. Our advanced AI technology will revolutionize the way you price your products and help you stay ahead of the competition.

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